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Our mission is to promote and advocate the importance of braille and to educate people to understand how important it is for persons who are blind to learn Braille. Braille is as important for persons who are blind, as text is for persons who are sighted. Braille is a critical component for a blind person to learn not only for educational advancement but also for increased employment opportunities. Many studies have shown that Braille literacy directly correlates with academic achievement and employment.

Braille Art, The Art You Touch, was created at the Braille Art Studio in 2008. The website BrailleArt.com also went live that year.
Prior to creating Braille Art, the website BrailleCards.com was started in 2000 which made and sold greeting cards with braille. BrailleCards.com allows our customers to choose a greeting card which contains both text and Braille so someone sighted or blind could read them. The idea to combine Art, Braille and text in a piece came from this concept.

We would like to thank NanoPac, Inc. out of Tulsa, Oklahoma for their support of our equipment to produce braille. Nanopac understands the importance of Braille and for 28 years they have been a leader in America supporting persons with disabilities. The Braille Art team strongly recommends NanoPac for they offer the best hardware, software and customer support solutions for persons blind and visually impaired.