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This is a picture of Nebraska cornfields with a Open 24 hours sign and the Nebraska the good life billboard. 

America’s Farming Energy
The American Farmer has been busy working the land since the founding of this country. The spirit that was brought to this country in the beginning has been passed on through the generations. I see my future provided by farmers, it’s America’s Energy, forever our friend.

P. Fischer (c) 2009


Picture of ear of corn with the poem:

“Knock on Corn”  is what I like to say, a reminder to me  about a Farmer’s day. They plow the dirt  and plant the seed, Then pray to God  for a bountiful feed.
My home resides  near a field of corn, I can watch each day  as the harvest is born. Thru spring and summer  it continues to grow, Now it’s fall and ready to sow.
My thoughts are with  all farmers today, As their fields are cleared  and sent on their way.  Thank you God for answered prayers, "Knock on Corn" is what I like to say.

PJ Poet 2011


Picture of a man sitting on top of a hill looking at a sunset with the poem:

One day I climbed a hill. When I got to the top, I stood there looking at everything.  It was so beautiful, I sat down so I wouldn’t miss anything.

As I sat there, I thanked God  for my relatives, friends, and everyone I have, especially my parents, for if it wasn’t for my parents, I wouldn’t be here.

PJ Poet (c) 1988